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Indian food in Denver: Check the best picks!

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If you are in Denver, you will find no dearth of Indian restaurants. In fact, the sizeable Indian population loves their cuisine, and more locals and Americans are opening up to the spicy curries. There’s more to Indian food in Denver than just tandoori meats (grilled in a clay oven, for the uninitiated), and in this post, we are sharing some of the classic Indian recipes that are lip-smacking to say the least.

  1. Momo

If you want to try something that’s easy on the spice, go for the Momo. These are basically Indian version of the Tibetan dumplings, which are served with a special sauce or chutney. Chicken Momo is delicious, but you will find vegetarian options too.

  1. Chicken Curry

Since we promised that we won’t talk of tandoori chicken, let’s include chicken curry in the mix. The classic Indian chicken curry includes onions, garlic, ginger, tomato, and often a whole mix of spices. The sauce is not too thick, and you can try this for the main course with any Indian bread of your choice.

  1. Fish saag

For those who want to try something unusual from the menu, many restaurants in Denver have fish or chicken saag on the menu. The boneless fish is cooked with spinach that has been finely chopped, with ground spices, whipped yogurt, and often some cream. This one is among the finest unique mixes you can try.

  1. Lamb Bhuna

If you are not a fan of spicy gravies, you can include a bhuna to your order. This is a kind of preparation that uses boneless lamp, which have been cooked on a flat pan with selected spices, tomatoes and bell peppers. A must-have on the side, or with fresh naans!

  1. Chicken Dansak

Also called Chicken Dhansak, this is a Parsi dish that has gained Indian flavors over decades. The chicken is cooked with selected lentils, with a sauce that’s both sweet and sour. If you like things to be tasty but unique, this dish should be on your mind.

Of course, you cannot complete an Indian meal without mentioning the Biryani, but the standard chicken or mutton Biryani is a full meal in itself, so make sure that you take your friends along. Order some onion fritters early on and wait for the magic to get served. For the desserts, try the kheer or kulfi, and some restaurants also have the delectable gulab jamun!

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