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Exploring Food In Kansas City: The Amazing BBQ Food Scene!

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A lot of people identify Kansas City with the jazz music scene, but this is one of the best cities in the US for BBQ food. KC has some incredible restaurants, many of which offer fusion BBQ food with some of the classic options. Many restaurants here, such as Q39, the best burnt ends in town, and you will find sandwiches & burgers made from grilled and smoked meats. The good news is there is no dearth of vegetarian options either. Most BBQ eateries serve grilled veggies, with salads & slaw on the sides.

The love for burnt ends

Americans have a thing for brisket, which is a part of the Tex-Mex style of cooking, while in KC, you will find most restaurants serve some form of burnt ends. The classic burnt ends come from the brisket, which is slow cooked in a way that all the smoked flavor gets in. Restaurants in Kansas City have such demand for burnt ends that many of them offer burnt ends burgers and other offerings too. Of course, you can always order the standard brisket and have it with a nice potato salad.

If you are trying this for the first time, you will see a stark difference in the way burnt ends are served. Some restaurants serve the meat almost dry, while at other places, the meat is more tender. We recommend that you ask the burnt ends to be crispy and tough on the outside and at least have some moisture on the inside. Go for an eatery that has good reviews and is always busy, because you know that their brisket gets sold quick, so the burnt ends wouldn’t be too dry!

Trying the pork

Pulled pork, pork spare ribs, grilled & smoked pork belly – there are many classics that you can consider in most restaurants in KC, and many of them do serve the pork belly with seasonal veggies, mashed potatoes or veg slaw, so ask in advance. Chicken options are not that bad either, but don’t expect your chicken breast to be juicy, and if you like your grilled meat to be rare, let the waiter know. In any case, options like chicken wings, sausage, and bacon go well on the sides.

Kansas City has a food scene that’s diverse, but the BBQ affair is often better than the rest. Try out a fat-heavy dinner this weekend, or order home!

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