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What You Can Expect When Visiting Bangkok For The First Time

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Bangkok is a city that draws a vast number of tourists each year, being one of the most visited cities in the world, and some of these stay in the capital city, while others may journey on to other destinations. If you are looking to visit Bangkok for the first time and not sure what to expect, below is a guide to help you plan your trip, and ensure that your first visit to Bangkok, is a special one.

The Weather

Bangkok usually only has two different types of weather, as it is either hot or hot and wet. However, the cooler season runs from November through to March, which is the peak time to come to Bangkok. Make sure that you bring plenty of lightweight clothes that are comfortable to wear in the heat, and you may also want to visit places that offer air conditioning if you visit during the summer months of April to May.

The Food

Thai food is known all over the world for being spicy and delicious, but if you cannot handle the heat, there are also plenty of other dining options from which you can choose. There is plenty of international cuisines available, as well as luxury authentic Thai, fine dining, and you can also choose from one of many of the Michelin Start restaurants that the city boasts.

The Accommodation

One thing that Bangkok is not short of is plenty of different types of accommodation for tourists, with something to suit all tastes, budgets, and requirements. You will also find that the cost of a 5-star hotel in Thailand is significantly cheaper than many other places around the world, so you may be able to splurge a little and splash out on a luxurious hotel when you stay in Bangkok.

Getting Around The City

There are also plenty of options to get around Bangkok, which is useful if there are a lot of places that you want to go while you stay. The easiest ways to get around are on the BTS and MRT transport system, which also has air conditioning, but these can be extremely busy during rush hour. You can also use the buses and trains, as well as boats to help you get around. There are plenty of motorbike taxis and taxi cabs, but always agree on the price in advance with the motorbikes, and ask taxi drivers to turn on the metre, which they sometimes do not want to do. Getting around Bangkok can be easy, but if you decide to walk, watch out crossing the roads as it is common for vehicles to go through red lights.

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