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Frequently Asked Questions about Pizza Patron

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Pizza Patron is a chain of pizza parlors that serve the Hispanic community in Dallas, Texas, along with other places in the United States. From the start, it has been recognized for its fresh-dough pizza, low price, and “friendly bicultural service” trademark. In 2007, its PIZZA POR PESOS program drew international media attention when it started to accept Mexican Pesos at all its branches. The company also launched its PIZZA POR FAVOR promotion to give free pizza to anyone who ordered in Spanish-sparked international news coverage and lively debate throughout the United States in 2012.

These days, the pizza chain is the leading Mexican pizza brand in the country. The company has allowed online ordering through its website. By visiting the website, customers can also check out the page dedicated to pizza patron faqs. This page is where visitors can find answers to frequently asked questions about the chain. They can find information such as those about terms and conditions, branch location, payment options, and more. This article is focused on some of the questions pizza lovers may have about Pizza Patron:

What is the Brand’s Secret to their Success?

Every branch of the restaurant creates fresh dough for their pizza. Raw materials are made by hand into high-quality pizza and baked fresh for every customer.

The brand is known for the exceptional quality of their crust:

  • Golden crunchy. The restaurant’s bread features a crispy crust that combines a tender, springy crumb.
  • Wild cell structure. Pizza Patron ensures its bread contains an intricate cell structure of irregularly patterned holes that range in size from small to a bit gaping.

  • Wholesome grainy flavor. The bread is fermented to the peak state of proofing and flavor. This is meant to retain a hint of sour that brings out the grain’s rich and complex essence.

What Inspired the Pizza Patron Logo?

Pizza Patron recognizes the need to constantly evolve to stay ahead of the competition. Its logo is designed to reflect the contemporary and vibrant era it lives in. While the brand kept the foundation of its logo, it updated the look to reflect its guests’ vibe. The logo reflects its Latino inspiration while appealing to a wider audience.

Do you Deliver?

Pizza Patron is committed to giving customers the utmost convenience and exceptional service. That is why they are offering delivery options for customers who cannot make it to its store in person.

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