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Expand Your Small Kitchens with Industrial Combi Ovens

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The expansion of a restaurant by having numerous customers affects how you serve them. The small space you have remains constant, but you need to find a way to serve them fast and conveniently. Customers are hungry to take their orders once they make it. An increase in demand output increases the pressure on your kitchen to produce excess meals that the customers will love to come back.

You can quickly solve your restaurant’s space issue by acquiring a combi oven industrial for your cooking. They are the perfect solution for any small or huge restaurant that wants to take advantage of the stiff competition restaurants experience during rush hours. It is a three-in-one built oven, and you can have three chefs cooking simultaneously with steam, hot air, or a combination of both. You will save a lot of space, time, and money to make professional food.

Cooking Options the Combi Oven

Steam Oven Cooking

Steam oven cooking uses water. It is the ideal option for cooking ingredients that should be boiled or steamed. It helps make fish which is a delicate ingredient in conventional ovens. Mostly it will end up breaking. You can also cook vegetables in the oven since they will hold a more natural color. It adds its nutritional value after boiling.

Convection Cooking

The method allows for dry heat to circulate within the oven during cooking. It is similar to domestic ovens and the most widely used option in the kitchen. It offers a range of benefits in preparing bread and pizza, with the ability to sear meats using high temperatures.

Combination Cooking

High volume cooking demand for the best in both worlds. Combi ovens are the type of ovens that lets you beat your traffic without a hitch. You can use both the dry heat and steam together while making your meals. You can also adjust the temperature on each to allow you to cook within a lesser time. It is excellent for stewing or braising food, finishing meat into tender and juicy while browning your meal effectively.

Benefits of the Combi Ovens

Restaurants that have combi ovens enjoy a range of benefits displayed by the mega-machine. It offers consistency with an inspiring quality to make your kitchen powerful.

  • Consolidation: the combi ovens offer multi-function capabilities and versatile features. You can reduce your workload effectively while cooking. Therefore, you work more effectively than steamers, sous vide appliances, fryers, griddles, chargrills, convection ovens, and more.
  • Flexibility: combi ovens are ideal for both large and small spaces. You will cook multiple dishes at a time, making your restaurant more effective in taking numerous orders.
  • Cost-saving: the oven has an energy-efficient engine than conventional ovens. You will distribute energy costs and focus them on other issues. You will also cook delicious meals that customers would love but.
  • Staff support: restaurants kitchens require consistency to grow. The combi ovens let your chefs make high-quality food without the hassle.


Get the best French professional manufacturer when looking for an effective combi oven. Enjoy your profits rise higher by providing adequate meals when needed by your customers.

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