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What are the different types of banana varieties such as Purple Banana?

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Think the yellow bananas traded at the grocery shop are the only type of bananas around? Consider again. There are over 1,000 additional types of bananas grown throughout additional parts of the world. Each arrives with a distinct form, colour, and/or taste. Bananas are completely tasty, but you don’t have to accept our word for it. If we tell you that purple bananas are also one of the varieties, would you believe us?

Bananas are even thought a berry and grow in clusters, dangling from the plant. Bananas grow most useful in hot, moist environments and are most often imported from Central America, including Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Ecuador. Bananas arrive in all additional colours, sizes, firmness, and flavour. There are over 1,000 different types of bananas, almost half of which are inedible.

The most typical kind of banana you’d see in your local food shop is a Cavendish, but it wasn’t ever this way. The Gros Michel also understood as Big Mike was the foremost kind of banana to be produced on a large scale. It has a sweeter bite and lighter texture than the banana you know and value. However, a contagious disease ravaged the vegetables. By the 1960s, most retail functions had stopped making the Gros Michel and had switched over to the Cavendish.

It’s intriguing to know about new banana combinations you never understood existed. Here are ten additional types of bananas you might like to try.

  1. Cavendish Banana

The Cavendish banana is your “regular” banana seen at the local grocery shop or farmer’s market. They are just sweet and have a creamy consistency. They have different stages of development, from green to yellow, to yellow with brown flecks. They’re grown all across Central America, and their presence is important to the thrifts in these areas.

  1. Pisang Raja

Pisang Raja bananas are popular in Indonesia. Featuring a yellow to orange hue, they taste like honey-flavoured custard with a soft and creamy texture. They’re slightly less than Cavendish Bananas, averaging 4~6″ in length.

  1. Red Banana/Purple Banana

As their name implies, red bananas have a reddish-purple skin. They have light pink-coloured meat and are much more precious and more delicate than Cavendish bananas. They also have a little hoot flavour that makes them simply captivating.

  1. Lady Finger Banana

Lady Finger bananas also understood as baby bananas are more precious and smaller than Cavendish bananas. They’re usually around 3″ in length and feature a light texture and sweet taste with notes of honey.

  1. Blue Java Banana

Blue Java bananas are also understood as ice cream bananas due to their charming vanilla flavour and intense creaminess. They feature a lovely blue peel and white flesh. They’re pretty robust and can grow in colder areas.

  1. Plantain

Plantains are a subgroup of bananas that are referred to as cuisine bananas. They have an increased starch range and are normally utilised in savoury plates. They aren’t normally consumed naturally. They’re a food pin in West and Central Africa, the Caribbean islands, and Central USA.

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