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Vietnamese food doesn’t disappoint

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Vietnam is the “land of dipping sauces”. Vietnamese cuisine focuses on preparing food with the freshest of ingredients and uses meat mainly as a condiment. Most places are controlled by business visionaries who live off their energy for food, utilizing passed-on plans and cooking procedures.

For much of its history, Vietnam has been occupied or colonized by two countries that just happen to boast arguably the greatest cuisines in the world: France and China. Add to that influences from India, and you have a melting pot of influences that combine to encourage the development of exceptional food.

The regions of Vietnam produce an incredible variety of ingredients, whether meats and fish, vegetables, and herbs and spices, a benefit unparalleled in neighboring cultures and cuisines. The terrain, climate, and soil quality vary relatively widely within the country, which has led to the glorious abundance of local ingredients, spices, and techniques that vary from North to South, as well as certain resourcefulness in the face of the harvest and agricultural depredations that war brings with it.

Healthy and delicious food

The healthiness factor makes it a very popular cuisine among health-conscious folks around the world. For anyone who wants to have a healthier life and enjoy the diversity of natural taste, Vietnamese cuisine can be the best choice. Vietnamese food does not mainly rely on frying like Chinese food or coconut-based sauces (as in Thai food) for flavor. Instead, the usage of fresh herbs is what makes the food special. It is close to impossible to name any Vietnamese dish without herbs or vegetables as ingredients.

Pho, Banh Mi, and Goi Cuon, all have it. Fresh herbs lend a unique taste and aroma and of course, you don’t have to worry about the number of calories to consume. There’s a lot of work that goes into one dish, and overall Vietnamese food is always good because it’s balanced and covers all your macronutrients – you pretty much always get fresh vegetables, carbohydrates from rice, noodles, and protein to some sort of meats.

The diversity of Vietnamese food

Everything considered, there are more than 3,000 dishes in the whole Vietnamese food stockpile, so you could in a real sense go for quite a long time without rehashing a similar dish. Numerous dishes in Vietnam are set up with just the spices and flavors needed to make the essential renditions. Vietnamese cuisine uses a combination of flavors. A single bite might feature the flavors like cilantro or galangal but the next will have basil or lemongrass. No two consecutive bites are quite the same. The numerous dipping sauces served with Vietnamese food adds to its fun. Sweet, pungent, zesty, sharp, harsh, and impact all figure conspicuously in Vietnamese cooking so there is a dish accessible for each hankering and state of mind. Even now Vietnamese food continues to evolve with new ingredients and ways to prepare. Vietnamese food is the ultimate “fusion cuisine”.

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