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Top 10 most popular cocktail recipes

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A classic cocktail can be a beauty. There’s something for everyone, whether you prefer sweet and tart, bitter and sweet, or delicate and floral. Find our top-rated recipes and our mixology tips to make the best cocktails at home. Grab your friends and open the cocktail cabinet.

Our recipe hub offers more inspiration for cocktails, drinks, how to guides, and advice from drink experts.

1. Mojito

A refreshing mojito makes a great summer drink. For a refreshing drink that everyone will love, combine white rum, sugar and zesty lime with cooling soda water. Learn how to make the perfect mojito. This latin-inspired tipple will take you to the beach in a single sip.

2. Espresso martini

The Espresso martini , a caffeinated drink of choice for coffee lovers all over the world, is the . For a true flavor hit, use freshly brewed espresso with a little coffee liqueur. This sophisticated drink is sure to impress with its unique, frothy top layer. You don’t need a martini glass, but you can make a reverse espresso martini using Baileys and espresso.

3. Pimm’s

A glass of refreshing Pimm’s punch is a must in British summer time. For a more fruity flavor, make a pitcher and add lots of cucumber, strawberries, orange, and mint leaves to your next get-together. To make this summer cup a Pimm’s slushie, add some juice and sprinkle of seeds to make our Pomegranate Pimm’s.

Our guide shows you how to make Pimm’s perfect. We also have 7 new ways to use Pimm’s in cakes, bakes, and iced Pimm’s lollies.

4. Passion fruit martini

Our passionfruit martini, a prosecco-based cocktail, will make your celebrations memorable. Mix passion fruit pulp, vodka, passoa (a fruity passion fruit liqueur), lime juice, and simple sugar syrup in a cocktail shaker. Top with half of a passionfruit and serve in a fancy martini glass. This cocktail looks great and is easy to make.

5. Pina colada

Enjoy a tropical taste with our fun and refreshing pina Colada. This irresistible combination of creamy coconut, smooth white Rum and tangy pineapple is a classic retro recipe. As many pineapple slices, colorful straws, and kitsch umbrellas as possible. You might prefer something lighter? Our crystal Colada is made with coconut water, Brazilian cachaca and .

6. Frozen strawberry daiquiri

The frozen strawberry daiquiri only requires four ingredients and can easily be made in the blender. For a sweeter flavor, use the plumpest and ripest strawberries. For more modern thirst quenchers, check out our frozen cocktail recipe.

Do you need some help? You can watch our tutorial to learn how to make the best frozen strawberry daiquiri.

7. Rum punch

Our favorite weekend treat is the classic Caribbean Rum Punch. This sunshine-striped cocktail combines sweet and sour flavors with fresh juice and golden rum. To give your drink depth and spice, we recommend using good-quality dark or golden rum. To get the best rum, read our review.

For more cocktails, try our best rum cocktails, which range from a spicy dark-stouty to a fruity Colada.

8. Cosmopolitan

A cosmopolitan is the perfect combination of sweet and tart flavors with a refreshing hint of citrus. If you want to add some flair, you can either add champagne or replace vodka with tequila. Enjoy in the obligatory martini glasses and enjoy the good times!

9. Negroni

The classic Negroni is dark and delicious and is a must-have on any good cocktail menu. For a strong taste sensation, simply combine equal amounts of gin and vermouth with campari. This refreshing, slightly bitter cocktail is the perfect dinnertime aperitivo. Feeling daring? You feel daring? Try one of our tasty variations: a soft sherry nuroni, or a Prosecco-topped negroni Sbagliato.

10. Aperol spritz

The Italians have once again dominated the cocktail menu. A classic Aperol Splash will give you a taste for warmer months. It’s just three ingredients to sunshine in a glass. This is why we love this refreshing summer drink. This refreshing and easy recipe is simple enough for everyone. You can top your Aperol up with prosecco or soda according to your preference.

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