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The Best Pairing Guide For Bbq And Beer

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Who doesn’t love to indulge in a good meaty meal with a big glass of beer to enjoy their night in a relishing company of these luxuries! Whether it is a night in or a day out, there is no denying that beer and barbecue make for the best. The perfect combination, and every food enthusiast and lover would agree to this assertion right now without any hesitation. To make an even more enjoyable moment out of these two flavourful gifts of life, here is a short and helpful pairing guide for BBQ and beer to make your moments not just delicious but memorable as well.

This method of grilling meat and pairing it with a glass of beer has been a worldwide tradition for centuries now, and it can even be said to be so since the evolution of human beings. The only difference between then and now of this pairing is in the method it was done. It can be said that BBQ and beer is the most delicious culinary combination the world has ever witnessed and tasted.

Beers and barbecue

As is known to every lover of this combination, there are different types of beers, and there are different types of grilled meat, and based on these types, here is a short guide to which beer should be paired with what kind of barbecue.

The best pairing

The following list contains some of the best pairings for BBQ and beer to make your barbecue moments even more savory and flavorsome.

  • Spicy marinades go well with chilled and cold Pilsner as they both compliment each other’s taste and enhance the taste as well.
  • Enjoying a plate of saucy ribs or fish? You can pair it with Indian Pale Ale of any type. They make for a great pair.
  • Hamburgers and hot dogs go great with Porter, while any meal that is cheesy or has a lot of vegetables go well with Pilsner as well as with any light beer.
  • Sour beer goes well with spare ribs, burnt ends, chicken and white sauce, sausages, and pulled pork.
  • Brown ale works well with burnt ends, saucy ribs, brisket, pulled pork, hamburgers, and hot dogs.

Sum up

These are some of the great pairings to try out, and after trying them, you will probably want to stick with it forever and maybe even make it your staple combination.

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