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Exploring Some Of The Foods Tourists Love In Thailand

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Thailand is a country loved by millions of tourists worldwide, and it has plenty to offer visitors to the Land of Smiles. People love the warm and friendly beaches, warm tropical weather, beautiful natural wildlife and scenery, and the delicious and spicy food you find in Thailand. Below are some of the dishes you will want to ensure you try when you visit Thailand for the first time, giving you love for Thai cuisine and introducing your tastebuds to a world of flavour.

Gai Tod

Something you can see on many street corners throughout the country is street food vendors selling gai tod, which is fried chicken. You can get this by itself or get some sticky rice to go with it. You may also want to have some Sriracha sauce with it, which is one of Thailand’s most famous sauces. If you get a taste for this sauce, you can find a distributor of Sriracha sauce in Europe and enjoy the taste when you get home after your holiday in Thailand.

Khao Soi

If you visit the north f the country, you will often see khao soi in restaurants and street food stalls, a creamy coconut noodle soup. You usually have chicken in this dish, and although there is a little spice, it is not too hot. On top of the noodles, you get deep-fried crispy egg noodles, giving you a different texture and adding to the taste of this delicious dish.

Pad Krapow

If you like things hot, pad krapow may be the dish for you, and it is usually made from minced pork or chicken. You fry the meat with chilli and holy basil, and you serve it on a bed of white rice, often with a fried egg on top. It is a favourite dish for many locals and tourists alike and is something you can get throughout the country.

Pad See Eiw

Another dish that many tourists and locals like is pad see eiw, a thick noodle dish. You can get this dish made from chicken, pork, or beef, and it is stir-fried in a dark soy sauce with vegetables. The only difference you really find with this dish throughout the country is its vegetables, and if you are looking for something delicious that is not too spicy, this may be the perfect option for you.

These are only a few of the vast number of delicious Thai foods you can try while visiting the country, and there are plenty more besides. You can click here to see more Thai dishes you may want to try when you arrive and enjoy a culinary tour of Thailand.

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